Need Help With Digi-struct Peak

I’m an OP8 looking for people to play with. Message me “acoltsfan98”. Also i would be willing to trade weapons because i really only use a couple. I’m looking for a corrosive and shock bone of the ancients or a practicable interfacer with corrosive or fire. I have most the legendary shields in the game at an OP8 along with a slag and fire Norfleet, a shock bitch and baby maker, the hellfire, and a lot of the legendary class mods for the gunzerker. I only have the storm front and a lobbed quesar which is shock also.

add me if u want PeterL2014

i added you

I can help too if you still need it.

do you have xbox 360

I can also help


Just message me on xbox acoltsfan98. i will be up for a while tonight and probably on a lot tomorrow