Need Help With Final Circle of Duty on Second Playthrough

The only side quest I have let to get my complete all side quest in Knoxx’s DLC is the final Cicle of Duty. I beat all the others solo, but I’m having a bit of trouble with the last one. I could probably get it eventually, but even one extra person would REALLY help me out so I can get my achcievement. I’d rather not have to do the entire DLC on the first playthrough just to get the achievement, no matter how easy it would be. That would be incredibly time consuming. lol
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My XBL is AIIenonymous. That’s capital “a” capital “i” capital “i”. The’re not “L”. I know it’s confusing. Haha

Do you still need help?

Yeah I do. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks. =]

Sure man, i dont care to help. My gt is LAGGY J , feel free to add me and message me anytime, im on at all kinds of different times.

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