Need help with Galilea

I haven’t had a single chance to play as Galilea in a PvP. Somebody always snatches her up. I wander why.

So do i as she is nowhere near as good as she used to be.

People crying OP gonna get her nerfed to uselessness. She’s ok as is IMO.

Na, she needs a slight nerf. Only needs a little less survivability given how much dps she can do.

Even back before she as nerfed, people were calling her fine. That always happens, some people just cant accept that a brand new PvP game could be imbalanced, you know, like every one that ever released.

her corruption is already nerfed to useless. her ulti needs fixed though for sure. i dont think she is supposed to disappear.

She is supposed to disappear. Knock up/silence aoe kills it. She’s fine as is to me, honestly if they just nerfed her lasers to short shockwaves, she would be perfect. That way they can’t stack so her final hit deals triple damage, but still has a slight range bonus. And if someone says her shield, I say Boldur. Her pull, Galt. Her pull stun combo, Galt. Her pull stun high damage… Galt. She just has regen, and less range.

Her pull isn’t directed like Ghalt’s, so long as you’re in the range of Desecrate it pulls you, there’s no aiming involved and no skill. Ghalt also doesn’t silence, or amplify damage, or shoot lasers, or regenerate health, or become invulnerable, or increase attack speed by THIRTY FIVE PERCENT. Or, or. That’s Galilea’s problem, she’s an omnirole monster. Can she be countered? Yes. Is she overpowered? Enough that a half-decent Galilea can sway a match more than an experienced Miko. Then there’s the infamous Gali-Miko combination that we all know and love. Gali has too much, she does too much, she’s simply too much. I never play with Gali on my team and we always target opposing Gali, we beat most Gali’s but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fine as is. Her kit is the most expansive in the game and therein lies the problem.

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Hmm. I see your point. Maybe the silence, pull and freaking lasers are a bit much. Her base kit is fine, I think, minus the friggin lasers. I think the mutations could use some work. I mean, Caldy loses grenade radius to deal more damage. Maybe they could do conditions like that for her moves. Rather than removing them. Like desecrate silences, but lasts half as long. Desecrate pulls, but no longer provides damage bonus.

Yeeeeeeeaaah,only Ghalt has to aim a projectile with low travel speed and can pull 1 player ,ONCE,not 5 players,all the time+ silence. He also has to set up his stun beforehand,which takes time,not to mention it can be destroyed.

also,you forgot “pull stun silence pull silence stun high damage”

“she’s fine” lol.

yesterday I was playing Miko with a Galilea player. We won with him being 19/0 or so. I felt dirty after that game because I kept him alive and max health. But TECHNICALLY using her isn’t an exploit like Marquis cheesing so I couldn’t just tell my team I refuse to heal her. Since that game if I play Miko and have a Gali on my team I just leave.

I tell my Miko not to heal Gali lol, she’s fine on her own.

Two pulls? I only know of her desecrate pull. And only one stun that I know of. I can see why her kit is too strong, I just personally don’t have an issue with her. And yes, I quit using her :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not gonna be that guy. Even though she was my favorite.

well,I expeirence a slight pull when I try to run out of the field after the initial pull,but I might be imagining.nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:
also,I only played her 2 times in the beta,loved her but haven’t touched her since -waiting till I can play her legitimately.

Yeah there’s no secondary, it’s just gali ptsd :stuck_out_tongue: I played her a lot until I got level 12- and started going on the forum. I got guilted out of using her… Although she helped me unlock Kleese and Deande so easy.

I hate using her and have no problem playing against her. She’s fine as is, and if she does get a nerf only really needs either a silence removal or the pull removal, preferably the firsy