Need Help with Hyperius as Zero

I am a level 52 Zero and I need help killing hyperius. My gamertag is JASON 4578. I don’t know what you would want for a reward. We can work that out when we talk. Thanks.

Just spec into bore, and get a quasar, or singularity grenade with as close to 0 fuse time as possible, and you should be able to take him yourself. All you’ve gotta do is use the singularity grenades to stack his bots in front of him, and bore through them. Hyperius should die rather quickly if this is done right. Fair warning though, he likes to lurch to the side when he gets hit.

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I’ll be home in about an hour if you still need help I could kill him for you. Don’t need anything in return. I’ll message you beforehand just in case you’ve already killed him.

Thanks, I have not killed him yet.

Are you almost home?

Yeah man I’m gonna be there in like 10. Had to stop at the store real quick.