Need help with Jaboks all around build

So, I have hijacked a thread asking for advices for a Jakobs all around build. It’s time to stard my own, I guess!

The thing is: I’m capped at level 50 right now (do not own any DLC) and a little confused about my spec.
I dont want or need to abuse Trick Shot and Tombstone as I try to aim for the crits almost all the time. This is my current base for a spec:,auto. I do not think about changing the Cowgirl, but I can change my mind. I got a blue one and Hell’s Coming With Me! is AMAZING when maxed and paired with Jakobs weaponry. They almost feel like automatic guns! haha

I thought about two things: Go down to Blood of the Guilty or take some points from Law & Order to get The Unforgiven. What would be better?
Also, I would like some clarification in Snap Shot x Quick Shot. I usually aim to shot outside Showdown, so is it better to have more recoil reduction and accuracy or more gun damage when wielding double pistols?
Also, I dont use Showndown as much as I can. It’s usually when I need Bottled Courage’s shield regen.

My loadout is something like this, if it can help:
Slot 1: Assault Rifle for sustained combat. Using a Gatling Gun currently but thinking about a Rifle with the Jakobs barrel. The Gatling is a lot powerful when paired with Hell’s, but sometimes it seems like I’m wasting a lot of ammo and it gets low quickly even with the large ammo pool that AR have. I went down the Law & Order tree basically because of this slot, as it is the gun more used and requires a range where the enemies can actually hit me regularly. I’m in the heat of the combat when wielding this beauty.

Slot 2: Sniper Rifle for pick up. Usually the best Jakobs one I can find. Muckamuck, Dahl barrel Calipeen, Diaub, Chinook… it doesnt matter. Mucakmuck is the better without a doubt, but I personally enjoy the Calipeen’s stability or the Diaub to pick up more biffed enemies with Hell’s double shot.

Slot 3: My “burst” gun. Usually the best Jakobs pistol I can find to swap when in Showdown. Currently using an Iron, but Maggie will be here in a near future.

Slot 4: Can’t decide, problably a Coach Gun or Quad. Or the Too Scops.

Any feedback is welcome! Also, sorry @swk3000 for the trouble in your thread! Feel free to give any input.,auto

That far down the L&O tree, it would be silly not to take the good skills in it.

or spec out of L&O completely and go like this:

Note that, while undoubtedly fun, this is far from a Jakobs “ALL-AROUND” build: there are a lot of points put in there that benefit only pistols.

If you want a shotgun go for a Flayer for close range, you wont find a better shotgun for damage in the jakobs weapons, if you want good ammo consumption, and still good damage with amazing tight spread and accuracy for long range, get a striker.

As for the build, your probably better off specing out of L&O if your not finding yourself in need of hp regen much like Chuck suggests with just a minor tweak, hot lead’s 5th rank is hard to pass up and just throw the extra point in snap shot cause you don’t need much else. As you said you don’t need trick shot, but Tombstone/Unforgiven are amazing.

If you do need health and regen because your not killing fast enough and you get pummeled. Go with the first suggestion Chuck mentioned, its got good survivability, and some more damage and shield regen when you hit 10 stacks. I just tend to love hot lead because it tends to destroy most everything. Its one of the best benefits of using jakobs in the first place.

Also I really recommend getting the DLC when you hit 50 if you can. Its worth the money as it opens up so much more than you have available to you so you can have a much more enjoyable game play experience.

Flayer is a DLC weapon, so it’s not available to the OP.

@Chuck80 I think that its a build that benefits all kind of Jakobs weaponry. The only pistol only aspects are One For Each Of Ya and the COM bonus to mag size and max ammo. Also, Hell’s Coming With Me! synergyzes perfectly with assault rifles in my opinion. This is why I called it all around build.
What do you think about the Rifle vs Gatling Gun, Chuck? Should I grind for a Hammer Buster or stick with purples?

@charrisx I know that Unforgiven and Tombstone are amazing together even without Trick Shot, but I barely enter Showdown. I dont feel like Im using it as I should, so they are kinda wasted. Do you know what I mean?
Like, I did a run against the Invincible Sentinel at level 30 with the Unforgiven and it was a lot easier. But I managed to beat him with a build focused on Hell’s Coming With Me! and without Unforgiven. Used the AR to break his mask and the pistols to land crits on his face, was amazing haha.
Also, Im almost always in the heat of the combat to optimize the AR efficiency so the extra Order stacks and Discipline come in hand. Also, 25 stacks give me the same amount of bonus damage that Hot Lead (25%), with more benefits.

And thanks for the e replies!!

It’s really hard to compare whats better, Hot Lead or the 25% gun damage at 25 stacks, It will depend a lot on play style like your saying too. Though I’d have to say hot lead is still a lot better in most situations as long as your getting the crits to utilize it, but if your not going to go with Tombstone, Its probably like you said better to branch up L&O as its more reliable and consistent for what you need.

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Strangely, ARs are (in my opinion) much better suited to medium to long range combat. Being in the heat of battle is something better left to more powerful but less accurate guns, like shotguns, or even pistols (since they get more crit bonus and when you’re up close you can afford to aim for crits a bit more… they also have a lot of recoil which you can’t tame when using OFEOY). AR’s strength is accuracy, especially in the case of Jakobs ARs. They also have good scopes.

As for your choice, I’d say get a Gatling or a HB. Don’t bother with purples unless you find a perfect parts one with a good glitch. Better yet: Get a glitched Gatling :smile:

Hot lead Vs Rarin’ to go is also simple:

Do you use your AR mostly as a semi-sniper ? Hot lead
Do you have Tombstone ? Hot lead
Answered no to both of the above? Rarin’

Well remember since he’s only getting to lvl 50 he won’t get past blood of the guilty. Else I’d say rarin over hot lead regardless. Its a tuffer choice when choosing between discipline or hot lead but seems like with his play style discipline would be the better choice because it comes with more survivability.

In any case, he should probably pick the “standard” 12 points in L&O (Including discipline)
That’s 25 order stacks for not too much investment and a couple of great skills that boost both survivability and DPS.

To me this is a staple of any Nisha build:

If you want to build around hell’s, you need the middle tree, that leaves precious few points to work with, so I’m not sure rarin’ is worth the 9 extra points it costs to reach it. I think those points are better spent in Quick shot, BFGrit, Impatience and FFOB. A bit less DPS than Rarin’ but much more reliable, about as much reload speed and more survivability.,auto (with one point left)

But in the event where he would prefer Rarin’, he could always completely forego RW and go like this: (with 3 points left)
Both are completely fine IMO :smile:

@charrisx Hot Lead is amazing with Tombostone indeed, but without it I think that Discipline gives me more. If I get the DLCs Im picking it without doubts! If I understand correctly, the 25% damage added receives the fire multiplier against flesh, so it isnt exactly only 25% gun damage like Discipline. Also, it get better in UVHM where the multiplier is stronger.
But capped at 50 Im going to leave it. ):

@Chuck80 I Just can not use AR as a semi-sniper, specially Gatling Guns because of their kinda poor accuracy. I try to land all the bullets in the crit spot as fast as I can with Hell’s help, and cant do it at long range. The scavs are always jumping and rolling around, so I tend to stay mid range where I can adjust my aim quickly and at this range there is always someone shoting me. This is where Order stacks and Discipline get especially useful. I kinda need them.
Also, Impatience is REALLY important to me. I usually kill 3 Scavs with a full mag, so it and Faster ‘n You give me a lot of reload speed, helping my assault rifles slow reload speed. This is basically why I dont go down to Rarin’ to Go. This, the bonus crit damage from Bona Fide Grit and the extra burst shot from Fistful of Bullets.
Rarin’ To Go makes up for the damage and reload speed, but the extra shots are awesome. Sometimes this is what can get me out of FFYL as I wouldnt have the time to reload and shot again, specially in times when I dont get Impatience stacked. Also, as I dont use showdown this much, the health regen from Bona Fide Grit is a lot more reliable than the health regen from Jurisdiction.

I think Im going to stick with the 12/22/12 spec. Thanks for all the help, guys. For real!
Now I need to test the best gear for this, but I already think that the Gatling Gun is better from the range I usually play while the Rifle/Hammer Buster could be more accurate for long range.

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Indeed. The Gatling is the weird one among Jakobs ARs that gets less accuracy but more DPS. And since you like Hell’s so much, why wouldn’t you use a gun that already has it built-in ? :stuck_out_tongue: