Need help with l;eese battle throne lore challenge

(Alchemyforever) #1

how do i tell if ive already played on the map. ive gotten all the story missions but dont know what meltdown and capture missions i have to play

(Inbound Titan - Killing you with SCIENCE!!!!!) #2

you unfortunantely cant tell what maps you’ve already played, just gotta go in and play all story and all old multiplayer maps (the new 3 dont count)
Also, for the story you can just load up a map for a second then exit and it will count

(Masterblizak) #3

oh, in case you aren’t sure which maps are new, they are the last ones named on the list inside the select.

You might have some struggle getting a coldsnap game going. LOL. I had to beg people on mic to pick it. 3 games in a row with other maps. :frowning:

(Alchemyforever) #4

ive actually had people pick it a few times

(Masterblizak) #5

even better. That was the one I was hung up with for a while. It’s all done now so it’s all good. best of luck to you.


You can see what story maps you played assuming you didn’t bail. It will have a score next to it on the stats page for Kleese.

(Rockero (Steam: Rockero )) #7

You need to play the none DLC pvp maps.

Cold Snap

I am having trouble getting (and only missing) Overgrowth. The quick match update helped a lot. But i have never seen Overgrowth as one of the options to Vote On sense it was introduced.

(firesnakezero201) #8

What map am I missing? I know I’ve played Overgrowth and Echelon a bunch of times with Kleese.

(Masterblizak) #9

overgrowth won’t be on quick match. That was mentioned by DEVs.

(Cast Iron Chef) #10

It is now. I played one last night using Quick Match, but that could just be for the PC since it was the only queue available.

(Masterblizak) #11

That make sense in pc. It won’t be on Xbox or ps4