Need help with last boss on psn

I’m rather stuck on the last boss in TVHM, i’m a 45 Wilhelm on the ps3. psn=Adamanyfam

I’ve moved your thread to the online play section since it seems you’re looking for help in-game.

Whenever I play the Sentinel I open my game to the public – not only are there lots of other people wanting to play this mission co-op, if at least one person stays alive you don’t have to start from the beginning. I’d offer to help but all my characters are now level 60 and coming into your game would rather trivialize it!

Thank you, im just getting used to the new forums, also thats not a bad idea! I’ll try that when im off work today.

I honestly wouldn’t mind just a kill if you’re up for it. Tried the open party thing and was having no luck.