Need help with leviathan!

hey im looking for someone to help me kill leviathan. im using psycho and my build is not very effective against leviathan.
im lvl 58, and when we kill him i will most likely kick you. thank you so much. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

No ones going to help you if you’re just going to kick them. Seriously, who would want to spend a bunch of time killing him for you and then when he or she does, he or she just gets kicked? I mean cmon, don’t be a loot whore. It’s not like they are going to take everything from the treasure room. There isn’t really that good of stuff in it anyway.

i found some peaople to do it with, i didnt kick them. last time i played with strangers they ddosed me and ■■■■■■ my save up. i had some trust issues

Ah OK. I was just skeptical about it. Btw, I have no clue how to mod.

i get that ur skeptical, i was just tired of looking for someone for so long