Need help with my lvl 50 salvador build before 72

My current build
Im not really sure whether or not my build currently is any good and what i could potentially match it with apart from roid shields and stuff like that
Also i currently lack dlc as im using an old version of the game i had on ps3 which is stressful but i cant use my handsome collection for ps4 for a while

You said you didn’t have the DLC, but do you at least have the UVHM and UVH2 expansions? Because you’ll need those to get to level 72.

Otherwise, a good starting point would be this thread:

Decide what sort of play-style you’d like to explore, and go from there. If you want to use Brawn, check out the Brawnzerker build. I’m not familiar enough with it to know if it requires DLC gear, but it may give some inspiration.


Im pretty sure i do have those yeh theyre not listed in any of my downloadable content only the headhunter packs and tiny tina dlc etc.

You’ll know if you have at least one of them, because you’ll be able to gain XP beyond level 50 even in TVHM.

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The two essential changes I would make would be all the points in Juggernaut go to Incite ; and the points in Just Got Real into Bus. Juggernaut and JGR aren’t worth it. Otherwise it looks like a standard Brawn build.