Need help with my Zero character

Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to read this.
I started playing BD2 THC version on my xbox one a couple weeks ago. Now I’m still new to this so I was wondering if anyone could help me with a good build for my Zero character. I don’t have a lot of legendaries, but I am willing to farm a bit. I have been using the sniper build up until UVHM, but it doesn’t seem viable anymore, since it takes a lot more work to kill enemies. Currently I am sitting at lvl 53, with a Bee shield that is lvl 52, and working slowly on Tiny Tina DLC. So my questions is, what is a good build that a new player can invest in learning that will allow me to progress through UVHM, that includes, missions, bosses, etc. What type of weapons are you guys using (Shotguns, SMG, AR, etc) and where to start. Keep in mind that I do not know all the terms/slang used to describe skills, builds, weapons, but if anyone has the patience to help me out here I would forever be grateful.

P.S. I tried looking up builds but had a hard time finding anything current, most posts date back to 2013.

I’m just gonna link you to the advice I got from some of the best Zero-players here. It helped me a lot!


The Bee is a crutch and totally unnecessary for Zero. Almost all Top players play without it. It will stunt your growth as a player and you will never learn what playing Zero is all about.

Also, above advice is good. That thread has a lot of solid answers.

Most Zero builds look a lot alike. With him, It’s less about builds and gear than it is about understanding the flow and timing of execution.

Playing Zero is a bit like a dance: you gotta know the steps, the shoes you wear matter very little.

Concrete advice time: get bore, death blossom and death mark.

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Thank you, I looked at your build for Sniping, it’s really good. What does your character look like now? What gear would you recommend I farm?

Thanks for the advice, I looked at this build. But I wanted to know if there was something else other than Death blossom and Death mark, since I saw a video saying that gearbox recently nerfed it.

They fixed it, its now always 80%

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Good to know!! Any idea of a how you build a cunning Zero? What type of weapons to use/avoid and what are some items that are a must for best optimal damage?

Look at the top gear thread. All the info is there.

Cunning Zero shines with Shotguns IMO, but anything you like will do.