Need help with OP leveling thanks

Game: Borderlands 2
Current level: 72
Desired level: OP 8
Console: PS4
PSN: BeardedMan01

I just finished my second playthrough with Gaige and have been looking to get up to OP 8. I have a few OP 8 weapons that I could offer for help but not many. Thanks for any help offered. Just send me a message on here and PSN and I will be sure to message back.

Hey man, I can give you a hand with some levels. I’ll be on from 20.15ish GMT
tonight if you still need any help.

PSN dogstar13

Yeah for sure, I will send you a message on PSN

Would gladly help, PSN = EpicDiscovery, i should be on most of the day so toss me a request :slight_smile: