Need help with op levels.I can offer op8 gear in return

Hello, Im currently Op2,Gunzerker and was wondering if any1 could help me reach Op8.I have another Character with perfect/semi-perfect Op8 gear(flying sandhawks fire,corrosive,and shock,practicible interfacers corrosive and fire,rustlers twister,casual swordsplosion,Perfect Bee shields grounded and alkaline,norfleets all elements,and grog nozzle)that I can offer in return. GT-Riize v on xb1.thanks.


I can help you.

GT: l THE l HULK l

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Im on ryte now l.

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I’m back on if you want to grind more

Sorry about that I fell asleep…

No worries. We can try again later this week. Feel free to ping me if you see me online.

I can help. It depends on the time frame your able to get online. I"m in California and don’t get online till about 4pm Pacific time. I’m happy to help you through the OP levels. Just let me know what times you’ll be online to see if we can connect. :acmaffirmative:

and I think I might be able to bring help with me, maybe? @BTK420247
I’d be really cool if I can bring @farsight37 along as well. That might be too tall of an order tho. lol School is back in session.


If ya see me online while you’re doing this, shoot me a message! I can probably swing by and help for a bit.

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Mission accomplished. Thanks for the gear