Need help with raid boss

I just keep dying over and over. Been searching YouTube for tips and help but it seems like so far the only people that are able to beat Haderax are PC players with modded game saves. Not going to name names but I’m sure people know who they are. Any ways I’m Xbox one and my GT is Abaddon2013 if you can help please hit me up. Literally about to give up on Gearbox altogether over this.

Plenty of console players, including myself, have beaten him legitimately. It makes you think, but once you figure it out it’s actually kinda easy.

Sadly I’m on the wrong console so I can be of no help to you, but don’t fret it’s quite doable :slight_smile:

Yeah I doubt. It. I even tried the pimpernel exploit. As soon as I get him to half health he runs off and slags the whole map where I can’t see him and fully regens his health. Now I used the new evervessant weapons shield and relic did nothing I used sandhawk and bee did nothing. Everytime he just regens his health until I finally die. He is supposed to drop down and expose the crit spot in his mouth but just won’t.

Perhaps you should look on YouTube and right here on these forums before casting doubts, just because you are yet to do it does not mean that it can not be done. I assure it can, and has.

Do you have a Conference Call? It’s the easiest gun to kill him with. The spread hits the crit on the back of his head, causing him to open his mouth and expose it for an easy kill.

This can be done with any character, The Bee helps. The Lyuda is another good gun for a quick kill, if you can get a good angle on his crits. It is hard, but far from impossible.

Moved you to a more likely location for help.

Meanwhile, might want to take a look through this thread for info:

I can’t vouch for the contents because I am actively avoiding spoilers right now!

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