Need help with retrieving cloud save character

I inadvertently deleted my Borderlands 2 TVHM LVL 51 character on my XBox 360
because when I went to play in that mode tonight it took me to the Unassuming Docks
instead of The Southern Shelf where I had started the 2nd playthrough. I had downloaded & played some DLC today and don’t know if it had any effect on my TVHM Axton character but when I chose Y at the main page I hit TVHM and immediately started Tiny Tina’s Pirate DLC that I had finished and beat in Normal mode. I couldn’t understand why the TVHM went there so I backed out of the game. Went to XBox 360 home page then to storage, went to the drive that stores that info and deleted the TVHM game save thinking that would fix the problem. Went back into BL2 and my Normal character is gone and the only choice I see is to start over with creating a new character. However, I have a recently cloud save character from a few days ago but don’t know how to retrieve it or even if I can. Any help or information on my dileema would certainly be awesome because at this point I’m done with BL2 if I have to start all over again. I was a level 51-52 Axton commando with lots of neat stuff. Also I do see a LVL Normal 51 game save on my XBox 360 storage drive that is still there but I can’t access it.

Unfortunately, you just deleted the very save you wanted. Borderlands games share the same save between different modes so you can switch back and forth between them at any time without losing gear of progress. Hitting “Continue” literally starts you off from the point AND MODE you last played. To avoid this and select a specific mode, you need to first reselect your character. You’ll then get a dialog box asking you to select which mode you want to play.

The other save you can see on your drive is a backup the game makes in case of file corruption. Unfortunately, there is no way to load the backup save in the event of accidental deletion of the main save. Unless you had a backup copy of your level 51 character on a different storage device, I’m afraid you’ll have to start over.

Good morning and hello once again VH101,
I appreciate your response and your explanation of my dilemma.
My only real concern is that I originally did exactly what you said I should have done.
I went to the main screen hit my Y button the mini menu screen came up with
normal mode, TVHM and highlighted the TVHM mode and the next thing I know is
that I was starting the DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep. That was not
where my previous save was from in the TVHM. I had left off on Southern Shelf
with 2 side quests one was helping Claptrap (Best Minion Ever) & the other was I believe was Handsome Jack Here. Needless to say I was dumfounded. I immediately hit my controller X Guide button to go back to my XBox 360 Main console page.
Once there I sat confused for about 2-3 minutes wondering what had happened.
So I said to myself let me restart the game again, perhaps it was just a glitch.
The very same thing happened. Went into the TVHM and Tina Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep started once again. I knew this wasn’t right and knew somehow without doing any research that the game had glitched out. I could get back into Normal mode
LVL 51 but it took me to the Unassuming Docks where I immediately turned around and went to Sanctuary and all of my weapons were fine and all save points/locations were correct. So I started thinking about the TVHM being corrupted perhaps by the DLC that I had downloaded and played previously that day as the culprit. The DLC of Mad Moxxi And The Wedding Day Massacre. The game played fine. I finished it and went to the fast travel station and went to Flamerock Refuge and closed out and saved my game there in Normal Mode. That’s where I should have gone when I restarted my Normal mode, after the TVHM glitch but I didn’t start there. Insted the TVHM took me to the start of Tiny Tins’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep as I have all ready stated. I had long since previously defeated that DLC portion. So with all that being said I went into my system settings under my main drive where the games are supposedly saved and saw 2 files. One was the LVL 51 file and the other was the TVHM file. I thought that perhaps by removing it (I should have copied it first now that I think about it to either the cloud or the smaller default 4 gig drive portion of the XBox 360 console) but alas I didn’t. I just deleted it thinking that would solve the glitch and I could just restart the new TVHM level at Claptrap’s Place. Well needless to say that didn’t happen. But to make a long story short my problems started before I deleted anything. I still have a cloud save somewhere of my Axton character on the game from I think Feb 28 2017
but I don’t know how to access it or if I even can at this point. The research I have done on this matter seems to indicate that Gearbox has had a lot of trouble with similar things happening to players games & characters. I don’t think at this point I will restart the game. Literally hundreds of hours playing, farming, dying, re-spawning
and what not is just too much to take on right now. I do believe that Gearbox owes their customers a better product given the problems it has caused through the years but I digress. If you have any other thoughts on this feel free to reply. Thanks again for your assistance.

So that’s the other thing about the way BL2 works: When you switch mode you stay physically in the same location, unless that location is undiscovered in that mode (in which case you start at the nearest initial point.) It’s a bit confusing, although it does have its advantages (eg you can run through to Bunker or Pete’s Bar in NVHM then reload into TVHM or UVHM for farming - makes getting there faster.)

When you start the game, there’s an option to choose or switch storage device. Try using that, then see what saves are listed when you hit character select. (Check the menu options along the bottom of the screen).

Good evening VH101,
Thank you for trying to help.
I tried your suggestions to no avail.
All 3 save platforms even though they each have a copied version of my Normal mode LvL 51 Axton doesn’t bring up any choice when going into the game to ‘Continue’ and hitting the yellow controller button. I am just a measly Level 4 now on Southern Shelf.
I can however fast travel to all of the DLC areas to pick up easy money without encountering overpowering enemies. What I don’t understand or don’t remember is even though I am now a Level 4 commando I have received zero points on my ‘Skills Tree’.
Also for whatever reason my ‘BadAss Ranking’ has all of the points from my previous Level 51 commando! I find that very strange.

Seems to me if one starts completely over with a new character the point
would have been taken off like my ‘Skill Tree’ points have been.

Could I ask you to fill me in on my leveling up ‘Skills Tree’ ranking up? I don’t remember when that kicks in or if I should have been given points all ready.

Thanks once again for your replies & attempts to help.

That’s normal. BAR points and rank carry over between characters on the same profile. Each time you start a new character, all the challenges will be reset in that save, but your total points and skill distribution goes with you. There’s a law of diminishing returns in effect - it gets progressively harder to rank up and obtain points to spend. You can also turn the effects of the BAR stats on and off per character - check the menu options at the bottom of the BAR tab in your inventory.

You get your first skill point at level 5, which unlocks your base level action skill.

Hello VH101, I understand about the BAR being harder but you state (unless I misunderstood) my skill distribution go with me.
I had zero skill points when I restarted my ‘commando’ character over.
I received my first after achieving Level 5 ranking as you replied that I would.
I have received 3 Skill points since I am now a Level 7. Did I miss something.

Something else I don’t quite understand is why am I able to go to each of the
DLC areas being a Low Level character? To me, Gearbox should have not allowed
this, for the same reason that you Can Not use weapons that are above your current Level status until you achieve that Level. It’s contradictory. The way I view it is if
you’re going to let me as say a Level 7 Commando go to Unassuming Docks
and I find a weapon from a treasure chest or some other method then I should be able to at least use it there. Why disable the feature. I’m not complaining mind you
just pointing out subtle contradictions. I was helped by the fact by being able to go
to the DLC areas that I could at least loot the treasure, ammo and cash boxes! :slight_smile:
Let me know your take on the skill set points being dropped back to zero
but the BAR points all still there even though they really don’t work for my
low Level character.

Thank you again for your help and assistance. I do greatly appreciate it.


Should have said perk distribution: total BAR points is per profile, along with however you assigned your BAR rank points between the various stat boosts. That’s separate from your action skill tree points and build, which are per save file. (You can have eg multiple sirens, but each will have their own character level and number of action skill points; they’ll share the entire pool of BAR stat perks though.)

There’s a set minimum level for each DLC in NVHM and TVHM. I suspect the reason they don’t lock you out is (1) it makes the code more complicated when there are multiple checks etc. in place and (2) what if you were co-op with someone who was just below the minimum level requirement? They’d probably be fine with a partner, and would likely level up before too long anyway. Easiest thing is just to not block the DLCs. Most of them you can check the level of the first mission before going anywhere, and just fast-travel straight back out again if it’s way over your head.

Hello VH101,
Just a short caveat about my situation now and to say thank you for your help.

Reached (1st) Sanctuary today and was able to complete side quests within
Sanctuary. Roland allowed me the use of his big safe in Crimson Raiders HQ
where Tannis paces back & forth. Funny thing though, when I did the side quest for Claptrap and 'found his ‘hidden locker’, guess what was all ready inside? 4 of my
old weapons & gear from Lvl 51. I suppose that is another unexplained glitch.
The gear has been lowered to Level 35 however and for whatever reason.

Care to try and explain this one? JK.

I am truly skeptical at this point about the integrity of the game.

From the research that I’ve done it looks like a lot of players have experienced
the same exact or similar problems.

Like they say, ‘Nothings perfect’.

The gear being in the stash is normal - that’s what it’s there for, transferring gear between characters (Claptrap even breaks the “fourth wall” and tells you that in his game dialogue).

As for the gear being level 35, not entirely sure about that. It sounds like your save got screwed up anyway, so maybe that’s just the best the game can do at recovering data from corrupt files? 35 is the maximum level for the final two DLCs in NVHM, and you said you’d been in Tiny Tina’s, so that’s probably that.

It’s true that people experience save file issues, but I can honestly say I haven’t (and I have a lot of hours in the game.) Usually, the problem comes if you either power off, experience a power glitch, or have an internet disconnection while the game is saving. Stuff like that happens if you’re either unlucky or careless in pretty much any game sooner or later.

Don’t forget that the game has been out for almost five years, and has been played extensively by a lot of players. It’s still pretty rare for an individual player though. Just make sure you always save-quit using the game menu, and wait until the save icon is done flashing before you dashboard, power off, or eject the game disk.

BTW, I do have a guide for the game which may contain useful information for you. It starts here.