Need help with rks after many attempts i cannot do this would appreciate any help ps4 zeroluke

please help me out! this guy is so annoying i cannot beat him

Can’t help with platform, but can offer some advice.

  1. Get a corrosive SMG, shotgun, or repeater
  2. When you exit the elevator, RK-5 spawns to your left - hit him hard as soon as you see him.
    a. Some folks like to stay close to the elevator; I don’t because it limits your arc of fire
    b. Some folks like to jump-pad from one side to the other; I don’t because I’m boring
    c. Some folks get up on the centre platform, and use the pillars as cover when needed; that’s me.
  3. Be aware that RK-5 can move beyond the range of beam lasers and some splitters. Bullets are another matter.

Good luck!

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