Need help with Shift

So basically I tried signing up with shift on my xbox one playing Borderlands 2 the handsome collection. I entered all of my credentials and I was expecting an email that I never received. I checked the website to check if my email address worked but I didnt. So I was assuming that I may have entered the wrong email. Anyway I am stuck at the please enter your code screen. Is there anyway I can sign that shift account out and sign a new one?

Did you associate your xbox live gamer tag with your shift account on the shift web site before launching the game?

No I actually was excited about signing up with shift so I signed up through the video game. After signing up I never received an email.

This is where I am stuck, I cant go back to sign up or sign in

Try logging in through the web site then. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to contact Gearbox support.