Need help with skin

Yesterday after 12 hours in game from some Basic enemy dropped me teal appeal character skin and i inmedietly unlocked in and i was title : skin unlocked but when i go to sanctuary to change skin i dont have it and i dont know did i do something wrong or something because i dont have it in my inventory but i dont have skin either, and im sad because its my favourite skin in the game, second is neon dream and im worried if i can drop this skin once more ?

Maybe the skin you unlocked was for another character? Are you sure it was for yours?

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You beat me to the punch lol. Was going to suggest the same thing. Has happened to me to.

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Teal appeal isn’t universal and basic skin for every classes ? Maybe you are right and my bad, im new in this game. I thought only heads are different for all classes, skins for guns and for characters are share for every character

Don’t worry about it, it sure can be confusing when you’re new. :slight_smile:

Heads, skins and emotes are per character (very few exceptions, like event stuff), trinkets, wall decorations, gun colours and echo themes are universal.

Heads, skins and emotes are separately for every class character. Echo themes, trinkets, weapon skins and room decorations are global and available for everyone once unlocked.
Vehicle parts and skins are exclusives for each character (per save, not class like heads/skins).

Ok thank you guys <3, ill keep that on mind