Need help with some looting tips

Long time BL player (BL1-3, PS, & Telltale’s BL). I’m playing as Fl4k with a crit build. I’m lvl 50, on Mayhem 1, grinding gear, focused on closing out Crew Challenges, and working on Bloody Harvest. I’ve been watching a lot of vids on Legendaries and builds.

I think I am gearing wrong. When I get new gear I compare it and whatever has the highest dmg (for guns and grenades) or shields I generally equip. But now that I’m hunting legendaries I feel like I’m hyperfocused on the wrong thing.

Example: I know from lots of vids that a Lyuda is a great sniper, considered to be one of the best. I have a purple and a green sniper rifle doing 3k plus damage. I pick up this Lyuda and it does liek 1.6k, compared to one of my other snipers it’s less than half.

What things should I be looking for? I have been running pretty much any legendary I pick up and seeing how I like it. A video today I saw a guy in Mayhem Mode running a Hex with only 646 dmg. When I have a green grenade sporting over 3k dmg, how I do know that the Hex is better (save for the fact that there are thousands of videos telling me it is)?

Basically, I feel that I’m over weighting dmg/shields, when there is so much else I should be considering. I know that this is late as I’ve been playing this way since BL1 and honestly I get I “should know better”, which is what I’m trying.

I don’t want to just rely on some random streamer to tell me what is good. I want to learn how to tell what is worthwhile and what isn’t.

What are some of the things you look for when comparing weapons? I tried the scores, but it seems misleading at times (again I believe I overweigh dmg). Look, I believe I’m doing something wrong and I’m loathe to drop into higher Mayhem levels or even TV/UHM unless I know I can handle myself, especially as I’m looking to start running with others (I generally play solo, but want to branch out as I never did a lot of the endgame raids on BL1/2).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice.

  • Atlas: long timers and binary shots. I prefer pucks, but won’t say no to darts.

  • Maliwan: certain ones will hold their charge and fire when you let go in addition to firing single, uncharged shots. I’m also in love with their line of beam weapons.

  • Torgue: shotguns with high pellet counts because I like to set them for sticky and watch as many pellets as possible pop at once. Pistols and ARs (and launchers): mostly just looking for damage.

  • CoV: high fire rates and big magazines (and damage… really the score probably works here). My favorite drop to date (and I have several high-end legendary weapons) was a purple rarity radiation Chukka (the chemical spray launcher).

  • Dahl: Mag size, and I avoid semi auto on everything except sniper rifles.

  • Tediore: The reload type (bouncy balls that can be shot for more damage, homing MIRVs, that sort of thing).

  • Jakobs: damage, period.

  • Vladof: fire rate - I use these with Moze and a bottomless mag build, and it takes a pretty high fire rate to overcome her ability to keep them going for a while.

  • Hyperion: amp damage shields (not a fan of the others).

Thank you for the advice. I’ve also been taking any Legendary out for a significant spin instead of just assessing dmg.

That is the best thing you can do when assessing what’s best for you. Not knowing your playstyle and what you like. The best thing you can do is try out anything and everything you come across.

What platform are you on? cooping can be some of your greatest learning sessions if paired with a seasoned player.