Need help with some web link posting issues, please!

Ok, webheads, I need your assistance!

For my photography thread, I am trying to display this link in my main post:

https:// www. Flickr .com/photos/stuckinthemetal/ (minus the spaces, of course)

It should display a page that looks like this:

Instead, it only displays nothing but the first image you see on that page, the fireworks one, as if I had just posted a link to that image.

When you click the image, it just enlarges the image, rather than taking you to my Flickr page.

Any clue why?



Alrighty then. The code is:

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Thank you kindly, good sir!



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Grrrr I can only copy your code up to “orig”.

Here it is with spaces. Hopefully this’ll let you copy it.

[< img src="//" >](

Well damn. Discourse won’t let me unlink it, so I’ll have to do it manually. Anyway, add a parenthesis at the end of the link for it to take the clicker to your Flikr page. Oh, and remove the spaces between the brackets ( < > ).



Thanks, Gulf!


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