Need help with splitscreen on PS4

Hey guys I been tryna load up 2 of my characters via splitscreen but when I do it makes me log in as a guest which is no big deal, but each time it starts a new character instead of giving the guest the option to play as 1 of my Op8s or Lvl 72? I dont get it, the back says 1 to 4 offline, so why tf cant I load up another one of my guys playing splitscreen…? Obviously the guest would have to play as one of my guys, because if not how will it even be a game… If you know how I do it please let me know, maybe Im doing something wrong, an if it cant be done on ps4 thats really scummy of gearbox, because its like, I get to play splitscreen, but whats the point if you cant load character from the owners accounts… Please help…

You can’t play as one of your other characters. If you’re a guest, it’ll be a new one everytime because it isn’t assigned to a profile. If you sign in a second account, you can use their characters. Not yours.

Just logical, really. Not ‘scummy’ at all. Your characters are yours. You can use one at a time because you have one account. I’m surprised you’re surprised you can’t do what you’re trying to do, it makes perfect sense to me.

Im pretty sure it was possible with the ps3 version. If your guest cant use your max characters, there is no point in 1-4 offline play, its false advertising, especially since in most other games with character creation it gives yoi the option to load a character from they primary account users account. Also this use to be a popular method of leveling once you reached uvhm, theres no denying that…

Yeah this was one of my major complaints when I first transferred. You can only bring in a second character as a guest or on a sub-account, unfortunately. (and I don’t think you can play online with them either)

Made transferring loot and leveling a huge pain in the ass. lol

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