Need help with Tediore / Nade chucking build

I’m testing a terror tediore and nade chucking build that uses a few elements from other already existing builds but I feel like I’m severely lacking DPS in SS. I can easily finish it but it takes me way too long (40-50mins?) and w/ neutral modifiers I have to chuck a 4x mirv shotguns about 5-6 times into a badass with three bars to down him. I feel like when I go for an elemental shotgun it’s way worse, especially with three bar enemies.

The build consists of

  • Face Puncher with Melee Terror to regen shotgun ammo and trigger other terror bufs
  • Big Boom Blaster with Ammo Regen Terror (not that useful for tediore chucking, it’s a left over from another build I’m testing)
  • Recurring Hex with Damage/Fire rate Terror
  • Cutpurse relic to regen shotgun ammo via Facepuncher
  • +2 Praemunitus and +3 Adrenaline to have increased mag size and max 5s downtime on barrier


  • Trigger terror buffs with face puncher
  • Switch to Tediore chucking
  • Crit with tediore shotgun to freeze to reset barrier
  • Repeat
  • In case I lose barrier, I seek cover and wait about 5s to wait for barrier cooldown
  • Spam nades to gain screen lags

How can I increase my damage with this single action skill build? I have tested +mag size, +weapon dmg, +grenade dmg stats on artifact and relic but it won’t change much. Is this just the ceiling for this build?

Getting +mag size and +splash dmg would make your chuck a lot more powerful if I recall correctly. Other than that, I think getting an elemental Tediore would be a big help, especially against triple health bars. As a whole, I’d say look at @Gentlemann’s build for more tips and ideas since you’re going for something similar.

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I tested with all stat boosts that kinda associate to grenade dmg and found no big damage difference. My elemental tediores are only useful against maybe one bar of three vs badasses and then I lose DPS by switching around weapons or even sticking with one… Gentlemann utilizes clone and rocket launchers which I don’t intend to do.

Yeah I’m not really talking about using rockets but more about looking at his skill trees. We can only see what you’ve invested in the Under Cover tree though so I might be wrong here. As for the elemental Tediores, if you manage to get a cryo or rad one, it’d be effective on 2/3 bars instead of going with fire/electric/corrosive which are effective on 1/3 bars. That’s just my two cents though by looking quickly at the build.

I’m pretty sure the Tediore chuck scales with splash damage/aoe dmg and I know that it scales from mag size. Other than that, I wouldn’t run a BBB for the shields since I see chucking nades as a missed opportunity to chuck more Tediores (which I assume is more DPS.) Then again, I never really tried this kind of build. Best of luck with the rest!

Thanks for your response. The rest of the skills go towards the grenade abilities in the clone tree + Praemunitus, Donnybrook and Synchroncity.

About the cryo/rad tediores, I tried that and they are by far the worst options (of what I tested so far) in my opinion. Cryo struggles with shield, rad struggles with the armor part. Non-elemental really does the trick so far but I gotta admit, I kinda can’t believe it myself. It’s really weird.

The point about chucking nades makes sense, I kinda agree. The idea was to test if there can be synergy between chucking nades and tediores while utilizing the nade spam CC.

Facepuncher the clone and drop the green tree. If you want dps. I find tediore chucking but it’s gets old. Shot a shot reload. Shoot a shot, reload. It doesn’t even matter if aim at stuff when you shoot, the gun itself is almost useless. No element weapons have no bonus’s but almost no negs. Your going to hit resistance issues with almost all elemental types. Radiation is the next in line. That being said fire seems like the way to go for me. Once you get a quad mirv decent tediore It gets easy.

I got a x5 mirv and it ain’t easy with this build lol

Well, Barrier Tediore and Nade chucking is definitely viable and a very safe build (BBB is very nice) but I guess you’re missing out on a lotta DPS by speccing into Barrier. Using a grenade doesn’t utilize the ‘for each action skill’ skills/damage boosts.

I believe with perfect COMs and Artifact stats this could do better, though.

Wait, I thought Tediore guns benefited from grenade modifiers, are you saying I was wrong all this time? Kinda strange because I do notice a difference in dmg .

It does, but it wasn’t enough for me to say ‘hey this build works as I envisioned it now’

hey there ; dont think I can really help you here.
I think tediore chucking and CCC dont really work that well together, I see people try it, but it just makes everything so clunky.
yes the barrier is nice, but if you build the tediore chucking part of your build right you REALLY dont need the defense at all.
I am optimising for a just a transorfmer shield and having a shock tediore to restore it to full isntantly if you really need that, but I palyed this build weeks without even that.

tediore chucking is all about offense, and when you got that part covered, you dont need no defense.

  • all you really need is any good tediore. if you have a tediore shotgun with homing and mirv, no matter how bad the parts are you should already be doing like 30k per chuck, which is totally enough to kill everything in a reasonable manner.
  • then you want to focus on mag size, definitly try to get 40% magsize on your relic, this will be a huge damage increase.
  • next you want to get as much greande/shotgun/splash/area damage as you can get, also tediore damage, but it is only 10% definitly get at least 2 of these on your class mod and idealy on your relic as well, but mag size on relic is more important
  • mag size on the class mod IS nice, but damage modifiers are stronger here
  • and only THEN you want to upgrade your tediore, if you are going for only shotgun you want as much pallets as possible x16/x18 at least, and you NEED NEED a mirv + homing module
    its always called “everblast” but it can have random affixes and suffix that do not guarantee that it has those module, so you need to check evry single one you find. this should make itr already 80k or something like this.
  • if you just want an easy to get tediore starting weapon use the babymaker, it is pretty reliable and middle of the road for damage, does still consume a lot of ammo though,.
  • if you want to go for other guns as well the best in slot weapon you can get is a “sureshot” pistol. it does more damage than the babymaker, has less ammo consumption and you can chuck them almost twice as fast as a shotgun, thats what really makes them so good.
  • and finally your REALLY want all these weapons in all base elements (fire,schock, corrosiv). this will buff the damage to the appropriate armortype to about 120k on neutral modifiers for shotguns and about 80k for pistols.

my version of my build that I use now, only uses tediore guns, I even switch fire to right click and reload to left click xD this is how much I am deticated to this build :joy::crazy_face:

EDIT: I also tried a nade, tediore hybrid build. just because I love grenades… but in the end I thought why am I throwing grenades for a couple of thousands of dps or support when I can just chuck more tediores in that time for hundrets of thousands of dps… and still have greandes suppoerted from my clone and drone and occasionally from my first shot.

EDIT2: also the terror annointments really dont do that much for the pure tediore build, you dont need/want ammo regen, because you need to chuck them really fast or your ammo is full again and you cant reload, but even if you do, yes you get ammo back in the mag for about 10k more damage, but this really isn’t worth the hassle. (still useable and a damage increase of course)
crit IS strong, but you dont crit with tediore chucks that much (since mindless spamming is more effective that chuck aiming, you just are happy when you hit them with the first chuck for the most damage)
and damage/fire rate sure is nice, I tested it aswell and use it, but it wont make damage go crazy… this is the absolutly last thing you should care about for this build.
double shot chance obviously does nothing…
I say, you have enough offense in this build, just get defesinve terrors or just get normal good annointments such as 130% weapon damage on swap or 125% splash damage on action skill end. both of these will improve your dmage much MUCH more if you really want to min/max