Need help with Terramorphous

Hey everyone, the last sidequest I need to complete is Terramorphous. I’m only level 35 so would appreciate any help. My GT: TPaleyy
Drop me a message on here and we can set it up. Don’t have a mic unfortunately, but hopefully it won’t take us long :slight_smile: Thanks!

I can help if you still need it. Just send a message on xbox (no fr), I’m on every night between 9pm and 1am EST. GT = Name

Hey, thanks for the offer Lunatic, but unfortunately that will be 2am my time so I won’t be able to get online :frowning: I appreciate the offer though!

wanna do it cause i’m on eastern time to but can we do it around 5ish or 6

Um- not only is this a rather old thread but even in normal Terra will still be level 50. You might want to wait till you finish TVHM and either take him on then when you’re level 50 or just drop back into normal and fight him then. He’ll still be level 50 but because it’s in normal his health won’t be as deep of a pool…

Although I’m not in the same time zone, feel free to message me. If I’m online, I can help with level 50 for sure. Gamertag is Pink Anarchist