Need help with the complex root

Can anyone help me ? I’ve played BL3 for ages now but never used the complex root and i gave it a go but it doesn’t explode like it should it just shoots the projectiles then does a mini explosion but no lights and does no damage ? Can anyone explain… here is a bad photo sorry !! But that is all i get out of it ? 16178035470512228959885633474049|666x500

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Honestly, a little “how to” guide on the Complex Root from someone who understands how to use it might be nice. Personally I can never figure out how to use this gun without killing myself constantly. I feel like I must be doing something wrong but I am not sure what. I suspect it comes down to either using an immunity shield or some other passive or something - but I don’t know.

So maybe someone who uses this weapon successfully will chime in here.

Are you playing on PS5? Complex Root is fixed in this version of the game (XSeries probably too) and there is no big AoE explosion, flash etc.

Soooo i have my own understanding of it.
It benefits gun dmg on the primary projectile and the secondary ones are boosted by explosive dmg boost and aoe dmg boost. The radius of the “flash” from the secondary projectiles explosions can be increased in the same way you increase any other splash, so via splash radius bonus on class mods, if it is positioned around second a third passive bonus slot on an artifact, aoe dmg, and moze torgue cross promotion.
So, when you have this “special” aoe dmg boost on your artifact it will increase splash radius too.
From my experience, a lv 65 artifact has +48% aoe dmg and this alone can make the flash kill you no matter how far you are. If I use a lv 60 one with 41%, it does increase it quite a lot, but it doesn’t kill you right away, you can se a circumscribed explosion instead of the whole map blowing up. The secret is to balance as much as you can the radius so that enemies get wrecked and you can stay safe, so you won’t combine splash radius bonuses on your Com and artifact, because after a certain % of radius boost it breaks. Boosting explosive dmg alone is completely fine tho, as it is aoe dmg if it’s in the artifact first slot

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