Need help with uvhm leviathan if anyone has time psn=Linkzelda102

Plz help been trying for days

I’m lvl 54 w/ legendary gear. Siren

I’m always down to help people. Psn: thatguysh4rk. On most nights around 7pm PST (west coast usa timezone). I can defeat it for you or boost you and help

The leviathan fight is annoying, partially due to all the sandworms, but also because of the rocks he tosses. To hit his vulnerable spots, I like a weapon with high projectile speed, like a pimpernel or a conference call. He moves around a bit so its easy to miss with slower traveling rounds. The bee makes the job easier of course, but you still need to dodge the sandworms and they can be hard to get second winds off of, as they can jump around. Move when you see his snout going down to pick up more rocks to throw, they usually land in the location you were standing when he picks them up.

Like I said bruh.:wink: I’ll kill him super quick like for you or boost you to 72 and drop some guns.

I’m on most nights, and can kill any raid boss for you no issue.
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