Need info on anointed gun please help!

I have an anointed Lucian’s Call which “after action skill end, next 2 magazines have added 50% cryo damage”. I currently have this gun on Flak, but I am not sure whether it works or not. After using Fade Away, does the gun obtain this bonus? And if so, do I basically have the bonus cryo damage forever since I almost never have to reload my gun?

If this is not the case, should I give this gun to Zane instead? Any input is greatly appreciated!!!

After when Fade Away ends, you get the bonus cryo damage. You can also use Rakk Attack. The skill ends rather quickly so you can activate the Annointment sooner. It’s okay on Zane, but more difficult to activate. I’m sure using Dopplebanger would activate it quicker, but it’s kind of clunky.

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Awesome! So this anointment is perfect for Flak! I barely ever have to reload the gun because he crits so often. Do you know if i have to reload first to activate the cryo damage or is it automatic once Fade Away ends?

You don’t have to reload.

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