Need information about ingame refunds

You may have noticed that you can have up to 3 refunds for everything you have bought in the marketplace.

For example, I just bought Alani, I can issue a refund to have my money back if I don"t like the character or whatever.

The thing is, I can’t issue a refund for every items I bought. I think it only works for recently bought items.

We just need more information about that. I mean, how long can I wait until I can’t have a refund anymore ? Is it 3 refunds for “eternity” or can we have refunds back one way or another ???

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For packs you can only refund them if they are not open… as soon as you open them you can’t refund them

Okay !

But it seems there is a time limit though because I can’t have a refund for my gear bank slots.

Why would you want to refund bank slots?

I for one have never found a need for that many bank slots since I play a very small niche of characters that generally use the same gear types to where I don’t need more than 20 slots.

I don’t want to refund my bank slots,it’s just an example…

More info maybe ?