Need legendaries? Help with OP? Add me (PS4)

(Rob W Schleicher) #1

Altoidman. Will help with your addiction. Be it oranges, pearls, whatevs…be it power leveling, Digistruct, raids…just let me know and I’ll help. I have many items from levels 1 to OP8.

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(crowleyr93) #2

Wouldn’t happen to have a non quest grog nozzle would you?

(Rob W Schleicher) #3

What level? I’ll check my spreadsheets.

(crowleyr93) #4

Lvl72. I’m using it for utility on krieg so i don’t personally know if op lvls will make that much of a difference when I get there

(Rob W Schleicher) #5

I don’t have any, but I have 2 OP8s…sorry!

(crowleyr93) #6

All good. Thanks!

(Alex Vasiliev Au) #7

Would you have a 72 interfacer, the twister or norfleet ?:slight_smile:

(Rob W Schleicher) #8

2 Critical Interfacers and 2 Pussiant Norfleets.

(Alex Vasiliev Au) #9

can i please have 1 of each? really need it for my mechromancer, ill add you now

PSN ID: Azaelyo

(Tacnev) #10

Do you have an OP8 Sham/Norfleet and Flying Sandhawk? My PSN: Tacnev thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Rob W Schleicher) #11

I have 4 94% Shams, 2 pussiant norfleets (fire), a pussiant norfleet (corrosive), a punitory norfleet (corrosive), and one sandhawk.

(Tacnev) #12

I’ve spent so many hours lately trying to get a decent Sham and just any Flying Sandhawk without any luck, could I add you?

(Rob W Schleicher) #13

Yep! My time to play is limited (life amIright?), but I’ll get it to you when I can!

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(Tacnev) #14

Appreciate it my guy <3

(laddin1806) #15

do you happen to have a plasma caster with slag effect? the level doesnt matter as long as it is above 50

(nashwhole) #16

Looking for a lvl 72 DPUH. Let me know if you can help, psn is nashwhole

(Rob W Schleicher) #17

I do not have a plasma caster here
I do not have a DPUH there.
I do not have them Nash and 1806
But could I work on a quick fix?

(MrDylanski) #18

You wouldn’t happen to have a level 50 Infinity would you? I’d greatly appreciate it.

(Rob W Schleicher) #19

I don’t.

(laddin1806) #20

what would this fix be? and sure