Need legendary class mod

Hey everyone I’ve been replaying the game and have made it to level 60 but have yet to get a legendary class mod for myself. Would anyone be willing to toss me a good legendary class mod in return for an infinity pistol? It’s so frustrating how many class mods and things I get for other characters but never for my own.

I have a level 55 infinity pistol

It would help if you said which character you were playing, and which version of the game (original/backwards compatible or Handsome Collection) you use.

Xbox one bl2 Axton and I’m not sure what version it is but I know I use the vanilla calculator on the website for skill tree builds

Handsome Collection or backwards compatible? (If the latter, you’ll see the old 360 system logo appear briefly before the game launches properly) Either way, I think I might have some spares you could use.

It’s the handsome collection.

OK then I can definitely help you out with something. I won’t be on tonight but should be tomorrow some time between 6 and 9 pm eastern. If you’re likely to be on in that time frame, send a message to Alkymist96 (mention the forums if your GT isn’t the same) and I’ll pull some COMs off one of my mules for you.

Thanks! GT is the same as my username. I’ll be at work until 9 eastern tomorrow but I can be on soon after that. I’ll message ya and we can plan it out. Thanks again.

Are you able to get on?

Yes, should be on tonight.

Perfect I’ll try and get on between 6-9 eastern tonight.

I just got home and online now