Need lvl 50 assassin gear plz

I got my assassin to lvl 50 but i need a spec, gear, and general help for UVHM. If anyone could help i play Xbox 360 my GT is IIXVOVXII all caps.

I believe I still have a level 50 leg. Hunter class mod stashed away. If you don’t have one, let me know. I may have some other spare items I won’t be using. Have to get a new game disk though - mine broke the other week :frowning:

Cool dude that would be awesome if you could help out just send my gt a message when you get a new game disk

Just managed to get back into the game! :smiley:

I have the level 50 lg. Hunter for you. Is that an “oh” or a “zero” in your GT? You can send me a message to Alkymist96. I should be on sometime Sunday evening (Eastern time zone).

Oh yeah I’ll be on all tomorrow and all night tonight if you are still on by chance.


Hey i have some flakker, bee shields, a badaboom, some sandhawks and other stuff want em?

Yeah dude that would be geat

My gt is Trooper 58

A get on now dude

I have a Norfleet and a slayer of terramorphous class mod