Need money! Help Please!

This is probabably gonna sound as stupid as I feel typing it but anyways, is there anyone that will let me join there game on 360 to hand off some loot and exit out, I don’t get to play nearly as much as I’d like I’m only lv 29 and keep running into legendaries and can’t afford them and it kills me having to pass them up, so if anyone is willing I’d really appreciate it.

By exit out. Do you mean to dashboard?

I got some gear for you on the ground already. Just join my game within the next 30 minutes if you can.
Gamertag Ssystem1420

Yes so you really wouldnt lose it

Unfortunately that is considered duplicating, and it is against the forum rules.

@boombumr is a trusted forum member who would be willing to give you what you need legitimately. I’m going to leave the thread open, for that reason.

Please read the rules at your leisure, and edit your above statement to ask for it legitimately, or the thread may be locked as a result.

I can assure you that this community is exceptionally giving, and is often willing to help at their own expense, without exploiting the game.

Hope that clarifies this.

Sorry bout that

This was clearly a mistake, and you shouldn’t feel bad for it at all. I’ve also moved you to the correct section.

Happy Hunting, mate.

I’m back online. Invite sent.

As you got what you needed, the thread will be locked. Happy to see it resolved.