Need more bank space, at least tripple the amount! Any word on when?

Any word on when they will b increasing bank space? im a collector and usually like to have all the legendaries in all available elements…

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Honestly, a game like this…even if they add 500 it wouldn’t be enough. There are so many prefixes on items + random annoitments… even the same gun isn’t exactly the same. I suggest making mules.

um no that’s dumb

They are working on it but there is no ETA yet. I would ballpark January-February next year based on the fact that they are about to launch the Halloween event then Mercenary Day possibly DLC 1 after that. That said it will likely be a separate team working on the Bank issue.

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YESSS the Biggest and most absolutely stupid problem in the game, not nerfs, not op weps or bosses, the BANK, in a game designed around collecting a myriad of weps, mods and artifacts for different spec’s why the **** is there only 50 spaces!!! im throwing away Legendry’s every day just to try a wep, mod or artefact,

Seems like such a simple thing. They advertise billions of weapons so WTF is our bank (for all characters) so damn small? 50 slots? Really? It’s also an obvious end game progression element that they could let people work towards. Maybe tie added space to guardian ranks or something else?

Regardless, the shared bank space needs to be greatly increased. I would say 500 minimum. Come on GB…why are you ruining the entire point of your game by limited bank space so much?

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this game have unlimit bank space. you need to run other alt to lvl 8 for reach sanctuary . and need 3m per alt for unlock it to 40 slot. and it spend 3 hour appox for each alt. i prefere you go online and use server match maker for find ppl is do it .

its not hard work . I have 3 a lot now and i am element user same as you . meow