Need more for Raids, Trades, EXPLOOOOSSSIOONS? Check out

TL;DR - Need a group for Borderlands to do content and trades? Check out

Hey fellow Vault Hunters and Nerds -

I’m a HUGE Borderlands fan and if you’re like me, you’ve picked up the Handsome Collection today! I can’t wait.

In anticipation, I just launched (or for short) so we can find fellow Vault Hunters to do content with, especially RAID BOSSES, trades, leveling and EXPLOOOOOSIONS! I support all the content that comes with the Handsome Collection.

I’m also the owner/maker of and which has had tons of success, so I plan to do the same for Borderlands.

I’d love your feedback and suggestions: @BorderlandsLFG or email You can also join my FB page, Borderlands LFG

Full disclosure - I played the hell outta BL2 but will be stepping in to the Pre-Sequel first time today as I’ve been waiting to play on next gen!

Please spread the word! The more Vault Hunters using it, the better and faster we’ll find groups!


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there are sections of the forums for each platform for grouping and trading…

My site is a tool for all like-minded players to quickly list for on-the-fly grouping for all sorts of BL content to accomplish what they want to do. And set expectations with other players such as levels, mic required, whatever their heart desires. This way you aren’t using the in-game matchmaking system and jumping in to a game and no one is using a mic, etc.

I also don’t require authentication so it’s very low barrier to entry. Check out my other site, if you’d like to see a great example of how people are using it to defeat bosses and other content they can’t do on their own.

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Cool idea. I thought of something like this for Halo 3 custom games a long time ago. I had a poor implementation but the right idea.

Halo master chief collection could use something like this still to this day because it has poor matchmaking for coop and custom. I’d love to see HaloLFG. I just googled for it. Apparently there already is something out there for halo. I guess I should have thought of that while I was playing it before handsome collection came out.

As for borderlandsLFG I plan on listing myself on there at some point for certain and I’ll definitely look on there for groups at some point. Thanks. The value of a site like that is that it’s more about who’s playing what right at that moment. Forums like this are great for planning though.

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If I’m not mistaken Bungie featured you in their news for that?

Thanks and glad to hear you’ll be using. The more using the better for all of us! So please spread the word and use!

As for Halo, yeah, I thought about it as well but knew the audience relied heavily on the in-game matchmaking.

However, that is the purpose of my sites. There is so much more value and ability to succeed with pre-made groups which is what I am trying to accomplish.

As for Borderlands LFG - I am looking in to adding chat module and eventually build a platform for all of my sites that will include event planning and mobile app.

The did! Very honored about the interview and happy that it brought of attention to make the site and community that much stronger. Kotaku also did an interview.

Very cool! I recognized the name. destinyLFG. Very memorable.