Need More Restrictions for Vote to Surrender

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I play with my SO and we’re having sprees of like five matches in a row where we can’t finish a match because either teammates or enemies are voting to quit. It’s especially frustrating that, since there are only two of us, we don’t really get a say in the matter if our randoms decide they want to quit. We’ve had games where we were down by less than 50 where our teammates quit, or matches where one or two people want to quit and so they do nothing but vote to quit for the entire game. My proposals for this are to:

A) Add a restriction as to how far apart your scores have to be before you can vote to quit
B) Remove the ability to vote for surrender when one or both teams are within 50 points of winning, and;
C) Punish players with a time out after a match ends if their Vote to Surrender is rejected too many times in one match.

We really need restrictions like this to keep the system from being abused to such a ridiculous extent. There’s no point in having matches with such a high score to win when everybody is going to quit as soon as they see that they’re probably not going to win. This is doubly annoying for a game where you start off from level one every single match. Please just do something to fix this.

EDIT: Vote to surrender absolutely needs to be changed to be unanimous. I’ve absolutely had it with this. Three people shouldn’t be able to decide to end the game for all 10 players. It’s beyond ridiculous and needs to be fixed immediately. Until something is done about this I’m just going to be done with this game. It’s unplayable as-is.


I agree.

In an Incursion match i was in, someone in my team wanted to surrender even though both of our sentries had full health, and that’s just straight up stupid no matter how you look at it…


We just had a match where, admittedly, we WERE down by quite a bit. We’d had a teammate disconnect and then took awhile to come back. When he got back, he and another teammate were voting to surrender whenever they got the chance. Near the end they stopped, because after the enemy team got to 498 while we were at 350 we started gaining ground, and held them until they finally won 500 to 489. If the two idiots on our team had worried more about playing and less about ragequitting we would’ve won.


[quote=“Bizzerker_Bauer, post:1, topic:1468538, full:true”]A) Add a restriction as to how far apart your scores have to be before you can vote to quit
B) Remove the ability to vote for surrender when one or both teams are within 50 points of winning, and;[/quote]
Isn’t that the same point?

Good way to have peoples annoyed, or see trolls voting No because they know the guy who started the vote will be punished.

To be honest, i think it’s fine. Majority need to vote Yes for it to succeed. That’s democracy for you.
Forcing peoples to play is always a “No”.

No, they aren’t the same point. Pretty far form it actually. And the people who are spamming vote to surrender are the ones who are trolls. They need to be playing the game instead of just spamming to quit, and there needs to be some type of deterrent to keep them from doing it.

To be honest, it’s really not fine. It takes forever find a match and then you end up being forced to lose for no reason. Not even because the enemy team is winning, just because your team have decided that they can’t be bothered to finish the match. It either needs to be rewords or removed entirely.

[quote=“Bizzerker_Bauer, post:5, topic:1468538, full:true”]
No, they aren’t the same point. Pretty far form it actually. [/quote]
Both A and B is the same point, you ask for a score difference in both. That’s what i mean.

If you don’t agree with them, just don’t vote yes? You know, majority, and all that jazz.
If your team is a majority of YES, that mean the majority of your team didn’t want to keep going, or were trolls. You sure you want to see how it end up if there were no way to vote surrender for those guys? Like peoples sitting in the base “a la dota”? Or trolling you? Or just completely Alt+F4?
No, i don’t think so.

But forcing people to surrender is ok??

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Since the majority vote Yes. Yes?

Yeah it’s getting out of hand. Last night I was in a group of 4 matched against a group of 5 in a meltdown. We had a rough start and got behind by about 150. However, we made a hard fought comeback and right when we took the lead, by about 4 points, the random guy we were matched with calls for a surrender. We veto it, so he sits in the base for the rest of the match firing rockets into the sky…

We ended up barely losing because the other team was good and we were basically 4v5 at that point.

I hate surrenders too, but I think they should leave it the way it is because without the surrender mechanic, people will quit more often, and that’s even worse than a surrender.

Makes it a lot harder to get the high-end titles when everybody surrenders.

A) Is saying that if the teams’ scores are too close together you can’t vote to surrender. B) Is saying that if the game is too close to being over anyways then you can’t vote to surrender. They’re both meant keep sore losers from being able to quit the match and ruin it for the rest of their team. I’ve been on teams where we were only down 240 to 290 and my teammates voted to surrender, even though we were very clearly still had a good chance of winning.

As for C), it’s not about whether or not I want to surrender or not. That’s stop the people who do nothing but watch the time until they can put up another vote to surrender. I had a match today where my teammates spent so much time watching when they could vote to surrender that we ended up losing. Yes, we WERE down, and by quite a bit. We were at 350 when they were at 498. We brought the score all the way back to 489 before the enemy team finally scored another kill. We lost by 11. My teammates voted to surrender about 12 times, and yet, in the end, we lost by ELEVEN points. If our teammates hadn’t wasted all of their time trying to surrender we would’ve won that match. There absolutely needs to be a limit.


A & B, misread, my bad.

C, since your team didn’t vote yes, what’s the matter? You don’t even have to vote, if you say nothing it count as a “no”. So you didn’t “waste” your time. And if the guy didn’t wanted to play anymore, vote or not, he would have just sat at the base anyway.

The only thing should be a longer time before you can start to surrender, and between surrender vote. But that’s it.

I’ve adopted a new personal rule here. I only vote for it once. Thats it. If the team rejects it then I’ve chosen to just say “screw it” and I just stay in game. It kinda kills my fun but I have seen more comebacks of late so I figure why not see. Curiosity mostly, can the team pull it out. Oddly, yes they do. I had one today where we rolled back a 200 point deficit in meltdown. I was shocked. Happily shocked too.

So maybe we can all just adopt that unspoken rule. Ask once, if the team says no drop it, keep doing your thing and let the dice roll. I feel like the player base has improved exponentially to a level where if given teamwork comebacks are entirely possible.

Sides it’s double xp weekend. Long matches give great xp. Hell in two days I went from barely 32 to 40 and got all characters unlocked. Stay in the bloody game.

I hate 3 man premades for this reason, Cant even reason with them to keep playing once they give up and they have the bloody vote so the game depends on them…

Old man cranky… Bah

No one said that the surrender mechanic should be completely removed. We just need more restrictions to it, that’s all. When both of your sentries have full health or when both your and the enemy sentries have taken damage and the enemy sentries have total of 1 more health point than your sentries and someone starts calling for a surrender is just stupid.

Biggest reason for a surrender mechanic is the fact that you get locked out of gaming until that match ends… but then, who quits out of matches anyway?

I don’t care for the surrender mechanic too much. Last few sessions I’ve had though I have noticed a decline in surrender votes on Xbox. Even when the matches are one sided. I think more people are realizing it’s better to finish the match and gain more XP than to quit. Also that the tides can turn rather quickly. I don’t think the surrender mechanic needs anything done to it at this point.

Kind of already mentioned here: Randoms Surrendering The problem is less with the surrender mechanic and more the people surrendering. Games should be playable with randoms and Gearbox seems to have more issues than most companies with randoms ruining a game. From illegal weapons in all the Borderlands and now PvE and PvP here. From the surrendering to running down shared lives. I was in a match yesterday that vote surrendered right away because they didn’t get the map they voted for.