Need more things to enjoy

So first of all I like this game but after playing and completing the campaign and lost sectors twice, I feel it is getting a bit boring and repetitive.

I feel there should be poker available in the Bars.
Racing tracks on the largest maps.

Blood rage racing - should be available as well - you race destroying other players as you drive around the track and each round is harder till you complete all 5 rounds.
At which point you face a boss , that could be a racing Tank.

There should be Jack pots on all slot machines as well, when won - you get a mix of everything.

Guns, shields, cash, eridium. They should just fly out of the top of the slot machine.

Far more needs to be available to do, at this point it looks as if boredom could start setting in for most good players.

Eridium has limited use and needs more options. Used guns should be able to be recycled to create legendary weapons.
30 normal weapons - gets you 1 legendary weapon, shield, grenade and so on



I like some of your ideas, but this should really be posted in the General Discussion section, not the Xbox One trading section.

I really agree that there should be more content within the game. The content right now to me and probably many others is getting boring and repetitive, especially the co-ops, I just wish that there was more things to do with other people, give us a long term objective lol. Is that too much to ask.