Need one more Vault Hunter to start a new 4p campaign

I will be streaming it on

Message me in my stream or on PSN

PSN: zachkof

New characters or resetting UVHM?

New characters

Ah bugger, I’ll take a pass then, sorry to disrupt your thread :slight_smile:

No worries man! Appreciate the response! ill be doing more of these in the future!

I’m not fussed on the whole Twitch thing, but if you ever want someone to play at OP8 with hit me up. I’ve seen some of your posts lately about solo OP8 with Maya and things like that, if you ever wanna play coop just message me, I love multi-Maya runs.

Sounds good! Someone in our party just left if you still want to join. We are only at level 7 right now about to head to Sanctuary. I’m sure you would catch up pretty quick.

I’m not on right now, it’s 12:15am here anyway, and I have no desire to start a new character, I’m doing a new run with a mate and it feels so foreign to me lol, I die more in normal mode than at OP8 haha.

Are you guys still on and active???

yup level 10 want in?

At level 12 currently. Need one more player possibly 2.

Alright at level 16 looking for 3 players currently if anyone is still interested.