Need op 8 boosting

hey guys, I currently have a pyscho at lvl 72 op 1, I’m looking for people to either go through and get to op 8 or get boosted to op 8, once op 8 I can give some op 8 weapons

Tip have your main character boost you unless thats your 1st character prefrebly a siren or zero or commando

xbox one, it says it on the category btw, its my only character on the one currently

What’s your build maybee I can suggest a build and weapons for psycho cause I always play with a friend who is a Psycho for 3rd character

I run mania with hellborn now I’m basically unkillable but id to have someone with me to get through it faster

for weapons I run a slag butcher and just incase I have a big baddaboom, I also run flame of the firehawk since its op with the hellborn skill tree