Need op8 Interfacer

I am looking for an op8 interfacer, doesn’t matter the element. I have op8 gear to trade for it.

I’m on Xbox

I got you. hit me up. GT: Kurtdawg13

Alright thanks so much man. I sent you a request. My gamertag is IronYoshi324

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at work currently. won’t be home till 3:30pm PDT(Pacific Time Zone)

but I have several interfacers.

Alright that’s fine. Thanks again

Would you be willing to?

No I am not. That breaches the terms and agreement with both Xbox Live as well as the forum rules. I am willing to “give” them to you. :wink:

Ok Thanks

Thanks again man. Your the best

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Hey, if you did not get the Interfacer you can hit me up. I have all elements with Vertical grip.


No I got it but thanks anyway man