Need OP8 Terra gear and others

I’m looking for an OP6-8 Hide of Terra and Breath of Terra.

Failing that i’m looking for am OP8 Practicable Fire conference call and Fire Baby Maker.

I need both of those to attempt to Solo OP8 terra myself as a Psycho.

I can trade an OP8 Florentine, longbow slag Crossfire (seraph version of bouncing bonny) OP8 practicable fire butcher, OP8 explosive norfleet, fire sandhawk, op8 Bee, max roll OP7 rough rider, and some other knicknacks.

also willing to pay back any items given with helping on raids or farming.

GT: Sinlaire

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Just a heads up, hacked items can’t be asked for or offered here. Maliwan doesn’t make explosive weapons.

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oh, i wasn’t aware. I simply received it from someone that dropped it in one of my games when we were doing boss runs.

I’ll have to get rid of it then. thanks for the heads up. I would rather a shock or fire for my mechro or psycho anyways. I simply havent had much use or agency for one so i havent bothered to ask. Would rather the Terra gear for now or whatever means i can assemble to farm him/her myself.

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I may have several of some or most of those, I’m always on between 9pm to midnight EST time zone, if that timeframe works for you just send me a message on Xbox live and I’ll invite you to my game and drop it for you.

GT is my forum name

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I have a bunch of these. I’m a collector. :wink:

I have this as well. :wink:

Not sure about this one. If i don’t have it, I’m gonna go get it. lol

GT = Kurtdawg13
hit me up online if you’re looking for these still. I’m on a bit before LunaticOne. So if the timing is too late for him, you can reach out to me if you like. :blush: