Need option for movement by controller not hmd

Need option for movement by controller not hmd.
Having movement tied to hmd direction rather than controller direction is a problem for me.


Created this membership just so that I could add my ‘+’ to this.

If you guys want feedback, pay attention to the Reddits: making a login here is a pia!

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Very much want this option too!

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This is the thing I see people wanting more than anything else, by a long shot.

It’s critical that you implement this immediately. No strafing and no backpedaling ruins this game.

After that how about mapping the controller buttons.

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I got my VR legs on smooth-move controller-relative over a year ago, and now this game is making me sick. If I can’t get used to it before the 2 hour mark it’ll be a refund.

Some stats:

We really need this option. Will refund if this option isn’t available as I can only play for 30mins before feeling sick. Was gutted its not in the controller options menu.

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