Need patch asap can't get all side mission trophy!

As the title says can you please patch the game I have completed the game and I’ve spent ages traveling to every destination and checking if they have side missions and no place has any I literally done all visibly available on ,y first playthrough. Can you please tell me why I haven’t got the trophy or patch the game so that it shows all available side missions?

Same here. I’ve completed every story mission and side mission. Even the kill bountys… Still no trophy. This is my last trophy needed for my platinum.

I’m having issues with multiple trophies add me on psn? My psn is Raziel2k11 maybe you could give me some insight on to what I can do.

Yo, i got platinum so it deffo working. Mind telling me which throphys you’re having troublr with? Bounty missions in sanctuary is not required, i did 0 of them on my first playthrough.

*EDiT also, the total completion statistics doesn’t show a single digit accurately. I have 40/30 eridian writings, there a total of 36 in the game.

Can’t say i trust any of these numbers


Did you do all the challenge and slaughter arenas? Theres 6 eridian and 3 slaughter arenas and they all have quests.

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I need transaction packed quest and baby dancer for plat but transaction packed is Missing from nekrotafeyo

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I’m only having trouble with the eridian slabs trophy I’ve been to all areas on all planets and read every slab and still no trophy

Dude you do know that bugs don’t affect everyone don’t you? Just cuz yours hasn’t bugged out doesn’t mean no one’s has.

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@sjf2009 @Lucid1

If you have read all 36 eridian slabs and still have not unlocked the throphy, go back to sanctuary and interact with the slab in tannis lab a few times and it should register. That’s what i had to do for that perticular throphy

I’m not saying i didn’t encounter bugs, but i am saying that there’s probably a fix that workaround most of them. The two i can remember that stood out where eridian slabs not properly credit me when i had all of them(sanctuary one fixed that) and one location on pandora didn’t discover properly even though i had been there multiple times. I had to re-enter the area and look for the correct spot in order for it to pop up.

As for all the side missions… i known this doesn’t apply to you but to anyone else, make sure you do all the repeatable side missions atleast once. If you have let’s say 4/5 quests in one area but don’t see a “!” Anywhere it most likely means it actually starts in another area. What you could do is go to sanctuary and check each location on your map from there, beacuse it seems that it shows all the markers for quests were they could start. I had the same quest show up on 3 different locations spread across 2 zones because it could start in any of those places most likely based on where you are in the story. Make sure you do all the proving grounds and complete them, same goes for slaughter dome to wave 5 and burger delivery mission on each planet at least once.

Kill bounties that pops up on the wall(across the room from where the golden chest is, NOT zero’s wanted posters) whenever someone in your friends list kill a rare spawn is NOT required for the all side mission throphy. However, there is one side mission that could pop up on that wall if you ignored it and that is “childhood” something. I believe it’s the side mission about angel found in tannis old dahl facility in konrad’s hold. It is required for the throphy.

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Both of these are from claplist, correct? I’ve not encounter any problem with those on my playthrough so i cannot help you with that. I do remember that those 2 were the among the last side missions i did though. Perhaps you need to do baby dancer first in order to unlock the one on nekrotafeyo. Check your map from sanctuary (might even work from any area as long as you’re not in it, i’m not sure) it seems it shows quests on every location were they could start but disapears once you go the area because the NPC moved. For example, it might show you quests are available from claptrap in the draught but since he moves to sanctuary later in the story, they don’t actually show up once you get there because he’s not there anymore.

Hey, got the same problem, kind of…

I finnish the game, but have two side missions left to complete it 100% The problem is that I cant start the side missions: the kevin konundrum and baby Dancer. Its on the map, but when i am in sanctuary it wont show, no help to talk to mission giver ether (claptrap) feel like I tryed everythig. This is very sad since Im a trophy Hunter and cant platinum the game.

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I’m at 96/95 quests completed… wonder if that’s why the trophy won’t trigger

I am having difficulty with the side missions again. I don’t know which ones I have left to complete. I’ve checked every area. It says I have 1 for Promethea but it’s no where to be found; including checking all the zones tells me I have every side mission done. I also checked all the side missions online with my in game log book and all of my missions matched. I have completed all Eridian Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter. Unless I’m missing one. I know about SlaughterStar and Slaughter Shaft.

so, trying to keep this alive because its still a bit of a problem. i dont think its a bug. i think its that the game has a list of required missions to trigger it, but has more missions in the game than the total on planets. like “secret” missions for lack of a better term that dont count in the games total, but still count as missions so when they get completed it adds to the total, and therefore has us on maps that have a higher completion, than the total (96/95, for example)

they count in the games menu checklist when complete, and are the requirement for the trophy, but arent considered in the planet total. things like wanted posters(opposite of gold chest on sanctuary) count on the trophy. ive confirmed this by doing one, and getting an update on the sidequest challenge (went from 73 to 74/80) if you consider that the challenge is 80, and the main storyline is 23 chapters. thats well over 95 that the game claims to have for us. i assume this means theres 103 quests total.

I can’t get any of the kill contracts like dinklebot and the rare spawn event started. I’m on the xbox one

I have this issue as well. I’ve beaten the game on regular and true vault hunter and also played on friends stories. I wonder due to that if I can’t get the trophy. Anyone else with the trophy issue do the same thing I did with playing multiple play throughs.

I am having the same issue. Got all the side missions done: including the slaughter arenas and proving grounds (I finished with it) and I am now 95/95.

I tried re-doing one proving ground and one burger delivery but same issue…

Sooooo annoying!

Hi Guys,
I got the same issue. I completed everything but still missing the side mission trophy. The galaxy progress is showing me 94/96.
I checked the missions in my log book with a friend, who already got the platin and it is matching.
So does anyone got this issue solved?
No clue what to do.

Thanks and regards

Hi Guys,
Hi gearbox,

No blue what to do? That is really Bulls… t
It is not nice and absolut not Players friendly to have Bugs live this!
I am absoluty disappointed from one of my fav games.
I want an official Statement from gearbox.


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geez i was thinking in going for the plat but after seeing all of this its not even worth it at the moment guess ill wait till a couple of months from now smh