Need people to help me progress on normal

Looking for people to play with and have a good time on normal playthough (1-50 so the higher level you are the better :smile: ) . I need help killing the invincibles, finishing the 4 dlc’s, slaughter domes, etc. add me/messag me If interested .

gt: Leap Revo
Borderlands 2 for now

Once you hit level 30 or so, you should be finished with Normal mode and probably start TVHM. IIRC, most non-boss type enemies cap out at level 30 in Normal mode and level 50 in TVHM. One notable exception (in Normal mode) is Terramorphous (level 50-ish). If you stay in Normal mode for too long, you won’t really be getting much EXP towards leveling your character and your item drops will also be very underleveled.

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