Need people to play with EU

So after playing the open beta and fully enjoying i was skeptical about getting this game since none of my friends are going to buy it and having already pre ordered overwatch didn’t think i’d play it. I took the leap today and pre ordered :smiley: so im looking for a couple of peeps to play with in EU (I’m in South Africa and play on EU Servers) preferably people who would be willingly to Teamspeak and jump into co-op campaign and the multiplayer. If you’re interested post your steam account name seriously excited for release :smiley:

Check here:

Yeah might as well put everything at the same place. Added my info there @zhunaidm if you want.

Moved to the PC online section.

Would this be of interest?

My steam account name is [VirV]GhostRider, tag is USSRMetatronia.
Am from Israel so timezone wise it should be the same.