Need Pimpernel (72 - OP4)

Need a corrosive pimpernel for digistruckt peak. I can trade a pyrophobia (I believe it’s at OP3). Thanks!

Hey, I noticed you were speaking of BL2. So I put you in that section instead of the original.

Best of luck.

I can offer you help with DP if you would like

Yeah that would be awesome. I go through as melee built Zer0, but I use the Legendary Hunter class mod. I’d go as sniper Zer0, but I like using more than just snipers because I’m a terrible shot. Gamer tag for 360 is same on here. I plan to be on 7pm EST. I don’t have much to trade since I’m only OP 4, but I do have some extra gear if you want to trade if you have lower OP level characters. I have an extra OP 2 fire Lyuda. Parts aren’t great though.

Thanks! I couldn’t find it earlier =)

Add me when you get on and I’ll give you a hand

GT: BTK420247

Uh btw. My connection is picky little b**** so it might decide to kick you and then we won’t be able to get back together for a bit. If you give it a 30 mins to an hour, it might let you back on. Stupid school internet. They are changing it tomorrow.

Since you asked about Pimpernel farming.