Need players! for XBOX ONE

I am looking to start a new guy and none of my friends play this i am a big time shhot and loot I take my time no need to rush, I want cool people to play with for fun. hit me up email


my GAMERTAG: RodeoCowboyNBFM

Moved your thread to the Xbox One section. Happy looting.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

I’m always down to play gt: Solobyrd Legacy

I play with you man gt is tarteninja 97

Hey, I’ll be interested in having some runs with you, but i’ve only got one question, what timezone do you live in, as im from europe, i tend to not being able to play with some of my friends from america.


Gamertag is Egg Rage
If you want to add me anyway, for anyone else on this post aswell. :smile:

hey i’ll play . currently at lvl 11 . if anyone want to join my game or needs an extra player msgme on live .

GT: terminator1690