Need players to lvl up with :)

Hey, I just got Borderlands for my ps4, and I need some help to lvl up and understand the game better.

I’m a 20 year old female from Europe, and I play almost every day :smile:

Add my PSN: Miss_Nymph-666


New friends are welcome. i play everyday.

I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

What is your PSN then? :wink:


Are you online now I’ll play but have no mic my psn is Anorexictaxiderm

Glad to help.
I’m from The Netherlands. I play most of the time in the evening.
I have a level 18 char. on the pre-sequel and a level 30 on borderlands 2.
I have a mic. My PSN-name is RvG_NL

Hey guys I’m a lvl 43 Krieg wondering if anyone wants to join up with me (P.S lots of side questing.)

I’m only level 25 but I’ll join if yeah want