Need players to play borderlands 2 handsome collection with

i need players that want to play and make jokes have fun , must have a sense of humor for we will laugh if we make each other laugh that is, for xbox one handsome collection not yet have finish the 2nd part first and will moved on to the presequel, also my gamertag is HumpyDumpy04 and my sister has borderlands 2 as well for xbox one cause I have 2 xbox ones and two borderlands games , her gamertag is SungMonster3499 send me a friend request and message about borderlands so I will know what u want lol

You can add me I’m 13 but do have a sense of humor gt Tikipsycoguy

You can add me if I’m online than it is usually bl2.
Have a few toons:
lvl 15 gaige
lvl 58 maya
lvl 71 krieg
GT: mikesavelkoul
will be on next week!

Hey mate I am currently on holidays but will be returning on Friday i would love to come and join am quite numerous myself XD you will see me online but I have no mic while I’m here my gt is ris3 syynergy send me a request bruz

Add me, GT XeroArrow

Add me Gt : StealthPlum949

GT - simonpie
72 Krieg
50 Salvador
29 Maya
14 Zer0

added you Simonpie see you in 2 days


Gaige- level 70
Salvador- level 45

I love this game and to joke around and chill doin it is a great bonus im always down to play everybody add me im grown but i dont mind playin with kids as long as there not annoyin hmu peeps gt rkw isgod420