Need Powerlevel, Can Pay in Legendaries or Cash (see list)

Looking for some help powerleveling a second character :slight_smile: Can trade in game cash (roughly 10mil), or any of the following legendaries:

Anointed Abundant ASMD (611 Sniper Rifle)
Anointed Expert ASMD (611 Sniper Rifle - Operative)
Anointed Arctic Ripper (581 Cryo SMG - Gunner)
Double Penetrating Potent Roisen’s Thorns (576 Corrosive Pistol)
MDARR Linage (546 Pistol)
Anointed Dastardly The Tidal Wave (541 Pistol - Gunner)
Double Penetrating Potent Laser-Sploder (538 Cryo Rifle)
Burning Devil’s Foursum (536 Fire Pistol)
Nuclear Infinity (536 Irradiated Pistol)
Anointed Shocking AAA (531 Pistol, Electric)
Anointed Spooling Thunderball Fists (531 Electric Pistol - Siren)
Ruby’s Wrath (526 Launcher)
Dastardly Maggie (526 Pistol)
Trick Unforgiven (526 Pistol)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (526 Fire SMG)
Subsidized Brainstormer (556 Electric Shotty)

Class Mods
Blessed Circulating Blast master (2/1/2) - Gunner
Sanctified Circulating Blast master (1/1/3) - Gunner
Collector Cosmic Stalker (1/1/3) - FL4K
Reactive Raning Nimbus (2/1/2) - Siren
Threaded Carpet Bombing Elementalist (2/1/2)
Thunderous Tangled Nimbus (3/2) - Siren

Anointed Survivor Rectifier - Gunner
Anointed Jailbroken Big Boom Blaster
Trojan Horse Red Card
The Transformer
Black Hole
Health Re-Router
Improved Re-Router

Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
Storm Front

Berzerker Static Charge
Caustic Coast Rocket Boots
Hot Drop Splatter Gun
Shock Stone Loaded Dice
Snowdrift Otto Idol
Caustic Deathless

Updated. Deathless, storm, & loaded dice now available.

I can do it for free, i’d buy that Mocking binary cutsman off of you if you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

im also looking for help power leveling some characters. i can help you get any legendary gear you might need.

I’ll help you both , are you available right now?

im good in the leveling department but im game to trade if you need anything

in need of a re-charger shield if you have one

yeah sure. my epic name is the same as my user name. you got any purple tediore shotguns that have mirv and homing on them?

I’d need a powerlevel too… (can pay cash or some legendaries like the flakker)

EDIT: My user name is Le Sharks