Need powerleveling

Lookin to powerlevel. I have a 52 siren but my friend decided to go siren also, and I like diversity. So any help would be nice. Gamer tag is mrwatson42. I will repay the favor.

if you power level me by your 52 i can help you out;)

Was looking for someone who could carry me quite easy. Do you have a higher level then the one you want me to power level?

im a really low level i just got game on ps4 lol i used to be max level on ps3 but sold it not knowing we would be able to transfer levels lol but if you power level me first ill gladly power level you after

Looking for someone to power level me on BL2 on Xbox One. I could not transfer my stuff from 360 so i have to start over again. I would much appreciate it if someone could help. I am a lvl 13 Axton right now :frowning: My gamer tag is XX 343, send me a friend request if you wish to help out thank you