Need PS3 friends for multiplayer

Anyone up for to multi-playing fun?

Youll find more co op partners in the PS3 section, so Ive moved your thread there. Happy looting!

i can play with you im a lvl 62 krieg

Ok My user name is SEIKO_JR but my brother is playing on his account right now so i’ll play later

ok im sending you a request right now my name is really weird

My username is my PS3 psn. Add me. Mostly play op8 right now but would play as 72 also

ps3 gamertag hatsikeuhko. Would like to start playing UVH mode with either my lvl55 Mechro or lvl55 Siren. Any multiplayer fun and grinding for legendaries top pop fun, yo.

Please don’t reply to threads that are this old.

Now how the heck’m I supposed to find playas to play with me? Please instruct me to a thread that is active then, please why wont you? :slight_smile:

Ah, so yes, please, I’m totally new to this forum and I’m most than eager to fing “playas” (as you say) to play with me on the grand adventures on UVH mode. That, and blasting those most heinous badass raid bosses to get my most coveted Did It All trophies so as I could get 1000/1000 as an everlasting ocd achievementonist (is that even a word…?) I am.

Now please read this wit a gentlemany voicew in your nogging and, please, do not think of me as " adouche" a s some of you would say.

hi im rebecca my psn is beyondbe8ty and i went from lvl 5 to 50 accidently by playing with a friend lvl 72
anyways im in the part where u start driving lol dont know how best ti say where i am but i would love someone to play with me yes i have a mic oh yeah and the only character so far ive played is maya


Play with me

Can I play