NEED PS4 B LANDS FREINDS...I'm an OG since vanilla blands 1

Ps4 , lvl 34 psycho , no mods, no dupes, mic up. Anyone want to partner up?

What timezone are you in? I’m UK GMT. Don’t have an active character at that level but could start a boosted.

I play pretty seriously, not into barrel trolling etc. Have mic. And a twitch channel.

Im NA east

Is that USA?

Yessir , does it matter? Cause im not sure if it does we can still probably play with eachother right?

it only matters due to the times we both play. I play mostly 6-10pm weekdays. Saturdays I play afternoon and evening. Does that fit with your play times, given the time difference?

What time is it right now over your way? Its 12:58 pm here ( afternoon )

18.00 :slight_smile:

so if I play it would be from this time, for 4 hours

This will work actually , add me on playstation POod_ON_U

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and on a saturday from around 7am your time through to about 7pm your time


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request sent